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Attract, Connect and Transform MORE Strangers into Paying Clients
Find and Filter New Clients

No longer try to figure out who your perfect client is… allow them to decide! They take your simple game and YOU attract those who are an amazing match and out those you don’t align with. It is that simple!

Pick the Right Product Choice!

Make it easy for Your New Clients to Pick the Right Product Choice! Your potential new client can’t decide on your different product choices so make it super simple for them to make up their mind. Compare and contrast in an exciting game that makes choosing easy and fun for more product sales!

Different Choices

Allow your potential new clients to decide what is most important to them about your product/services so it helps them make a decision faster!

Example of a Live Game

Check out a Real Game going on now… It has been filtering and closing sells from the day it was launched. See how easy it is for the game participant to go through the whole process. Have fun!

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